Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

Caring Love Bird

Love Bird in the first bird ornaments by some to be a symbol of the harmony pairs. Along with the rapid trend of world birds chirping, bird Love Bird made as many birds and bird master race by Kicaumania in the country. This bird is famous for its hilarious and hair colors are very charming. The bird is famous chatty, it is sensitive to high noise around it. Caring bird Love Bird is easy and fun.
1. Easily adaptable, these birds are very easy to adjust to environmental changes. 2. Tailor shouted and fighter. When Love Bird birds heard or seen another kind of bird, the spirit of direct combat raged. 3. Most prone to lust. This bird is very easy to ride lust, many causes that can create increased desire on the birds of this type. Variations feed improper, excessive drying or see other Love Bird bird can quickly raise the level of lust. 4. Easy to tame. Due to the high beradaptasinya ability, it is easy to tame birds to humans. 5. Not easy stress. Bird types are already hundreds of years of breeding by humans. 6. Enjoying a cool environment. These birds are enjoying the cool temperatures. 7. Bird colonies and groups. We recommend that you guard some birds Love Bird in one house. Because if these birds alone, then over time the bird will become stressed.
There are some important things that must be considered in the selection of materials or going on a bird Love Bird
* Beak shape, you should select the form that stemmed half wide, thick, big, long and looks solid. * Big-headed. This marks this bird has a good mental combat. * Body posture, choose materials that posture was a long neck, body and tail and legs to match. Do not choose a material that necked and short bodied. You should also choose a wide-chested material. * The wings and legs tucked tightly gripping force, this indicates the material sense. Choose great legs and look dry. Color does not affect mental foot bird. * Agile and a great appetite. These are the traits of a good mentality material. * Containing solid long neck. Indicates that this bird will issue the maximum sound power. * Eyes large and shining clean. Indicates bird has a bright prospect when used as bird race. Because it would be very gacor.
* Mix grains. We can deliver grain that has mixed a lot sold in the market as the main feed. * Fresh vegetables. Bird Love Birds are very fond of fresh vegetables such as: Watercress, Chicory, Young Corn and other vegetables. * Pickles. To meet calcium needs, these birds need extra calcium. Cuttlefish bone can be given to complete the required calcium needs. * Extra Fooding. The sun flower seeds, seed Fumayin, Soya beans, seeds and beans Red Beans Green Beans are very popular with these birds to complement the needs of vitamins, proteins and raise the body temperature and increase metabolism in the body.
Daily care for the bird Love Bird relatively similar to other types of birds chirping, the key to success is the daily maintenance routine and consistent.
Following this pattern daily and Stelan Daily Care for bird Love Bird:
1. 07.00 aerated birds on the patio. 07.30 the bird bath (bath or spray cages, depending on the habits of each bird) 2. Clean the cage daily. Replace or add the feed and drinking water. 3. Provide fresh vegetables or fruits. 4. Drying can be done for 30-60 minutes / day starting at 08:00 to 11:00. During drying, the birds should be grouped in order to see the bird kind. 5. Once dried, winds back diteras bird for 10 minutes, then cage dikerodong. 6. During the day until late afternoon (10:00 to 15:00 hours) at the Masters with a bird sound bird Love Bird Master or another. 7. Hours 15:30 aerated bird back diteras, should be bathed when necessary. 8. Feed Control, Water, Fresh Vegetables. 9. 18.00 Bird dikerodong and sound perdengarkan Master during the recess until the next morning.

* Variation giving fresh vegetables and Extra Fooding key to success in the treatment of bird Love Bird. * Pickles should always be available in the cage. * Pengumbaran at home umbaran do 4 hours per day for 4 days a week. * Give Multivitamins are mixed in drinking water once a week.
If the condition is OVER HANDLING lust
* Frequency of bathing made more frequently, for example, early in the afternoon and evening * The duration of drying was reduced to 15 min / day * Time pengumbaran made more frequent and longer
If the condition HANDLING DROP
* Expand the provision of fresh vegetables and Extra Fooding * Mandi made 2 days only * The duration of drying was increased to 60 min / day
Treatment race is not really much different from daily care. The goal of treatment at this stage is to prepare the bird in order to have the desired level of desire and stamina stable. The key to the successful treatment of race that is familiar with the basic character of each bird.
Following Treatment Patterns and Stelan Competition for bird Love Bird:
1. H-3 before the race, add Grains Extra Fooding bijiannya the feed mixture. 2.
H-2 before the race, the bird should be dried in a maximum of 20 minutes. 3. 1 Hour before the race bushel, give fresh Watercress.
* Instead, from H-6 birds isolated. Do not get to see and hear the sounds of birds Love Bird others.
Post race treatments actually restore function to restore stamina and physical condition of birds.
Following Treatment Patterns and post-race Stelan for bird Love Bird:
1. Care and feeding back to Stelan Stelan Daily. 2. Give multivitamins in drinking water at H +1 after the race. 3. Until H +3 after the race, exposing a maximum of 30 minutes.
Moult (Moulting) or hair loss is a natural cycle of the bird family. Treatment of birds in the moult is a very important thing, because if the wrong treatment at this time will make the bird becomes damaged. During this moult, the metabolism of birds increased by almost 40% from normal. Therefore, birds need good quality nutrition with a greater portion of the normal condition. Avoid bringing the bird with the bird kind, as it will make the process of moult becomes impaired. The impact of this is hormonal imbalance in the body of the bird. The process of moult is also associated with reproductive hormones.
Following treatment patterns during moult:
1. Place the bird in a quiet place, away from human traffic. Should more birds dikerodong conditions. 2. Mandi pretty 1x a week and basking maximum of 30 minutes / day 3. Providing additional food portions given more as indispensable for the formation of new cells and for the growth of new feathers. Example: Add sun flower seeds, Seeds Green Beans, beans Fumayin and vary the delivery of fresh vegetables and fruit. 4. Provide a quality multivitamin that is mixed in water 2x a week. 5. Perform pemasteran. Moult period makes more birds at rest and hear. This is the time to fill out the sound variation in accordance with what we want. Perform pemasteran correctly, adjust the character and the type of sound the sound of birds with bird master....