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12 Causes Headaches

The cause of headaches, there are trivial, but some are serious. Do not be reckless to treat yourself! Drug-counter head sekit only temporarily relieve symptoms of headache, but do not address the cause. First identify the cause! When the pain was unbearable and occurs repeatedly, check with your gynecologist to be given the proper medication.

Tense. Tension can trigger headaches. Initially, the pain felt in the back of the head, creeping forward, and both sides of the head. Overcome with reducing anxiety, that positive thinking and relaxation techniques. Lie down or sit back while listening to soft music, pamper yourself in the salon, shop, or ask a couple rubbed shoulders or back. Perform a warm compress to relax the tension in the neck.
Iron Deficiency Anemia. Mineral deficiency of iron (Fe) is a major cause of anemia (lack of red blood cells) at 24 weeks of pregnancy. One of the symptoms, headaches. Prevent, meet nutritional needs by eating food sources of iron such as red meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and nuts. If necessary, ask your doctor iron supplements.
Low Blood Pressure. Hypotension is also often associated with symptoms of headache. There are two causes of low blood pressure in pregnancy. That terjadianya dilation of blood vessels as well as the pressure of the enlarging uterus on the large blood vessels aorta and vena cava (vein). Disarankanmenghindari lying supine position. Try not to rush to change positions from sitting to standing.
Low Blood Sugar Levels. Hipoglikema common in the first trimester, when pregnant women experience morning sickness usually include nausea and vomiting. If you are lazy to eat, the body can be deprived karbohidarat. This can lead to low blood sugar, headaches were attacked. Prevent, keep eating despite being sick. The trick, eat smaller portions more often, eating dry foods like crackers or toast, lots of drinking, and avoid fatty and spicy foods tajan because it will increase the nausea.
Drink less. The amount of fluid that comes out of the body is not balanced with the entry, pregnant women could be dehydrated. Especially when a lot of outdoor activities or exposure to the sun. Dehydration can trigger headaches. Triknyaminumlah warm water to taste. In order terhidar from dehydration, drink 8 glasses of water a day or drink every 15 minutes. Can be water, fruit juice, fruits that contain water, and vegetable fry.
Less Calcium. Subscriptions headache? Please check calcium (Ca) you. Lack of calcium during pregnancy lead to muscle tension. One consequence, headache. Pregnant woman needs 1200 mg of calcium per day. Inadequate calcium from milk and other dairy products, fish, broccoli, and green vegetables. If necessary ask calcium supplements from the doctor.
Pre-Eclampsia. Pregnancy disorder that often occurs in the third trimester. Headache is one of the symptoms, especially felt in the forehead, accompanied by blurred vision and swollen feet. Mothers who suffer from pre-eclampsia usually also experience excessive weight gain and high blood pressure. Immediately to the doctor to get proper treatment.
Impact of Caffeine. Frequent headaches in the morning when I wake ari because caffeine addiction, for example up to 6 cups of coffee a day. If you suddenly stop caffeine, the body will "charge" to trigger headaches. Caffeine is one addictive compounds. The more bodies consume, the more your body needs it. Reduce dependence on caffeine gradually till a 2 cups a day. Pilig decaffeinated coffee (decafein), herbal tea or soda without caffeine.
Sensitive MSG. high sensitivity to Monosodium glutamate (MSG) to make easy contact with MSG symptom complex that one of the symptoms is a headache. Stop / reduce MSG. Replace it with sugar, broth acyl or other herbs. Teliliti first content of packaged foods. If you already consume MSG, drinking water to sodium out with urine.
Dental and Oral Cavity Disorders. When accompanied by headache pain in the teeth, there may be a symptom of tooth decay, or infection in the oral cavity. Visit the dentist at least every 6 months, even before pregnancy.
Allergy. Headaches due to nasal allergy symptoms and is often accompanied by watery eyes and sore throat. Triggers (allergens) can be in food, dust, pollen, or cold weather. Soon find out your allergic triggers, avoid as much as possible and replace them with other food items.
Sinusitis. Headache in the forehead or on the face, the more pain when bent. Caused by inflammation of one or both nostrils, and causing widespread anyeri race. Immediately to the doctor to address your sinusitis. (Me)

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